Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prison Life

Prison life is a bitter experience in my life. Probably prison is good lesson for religious people to correct themselves. It is a good sample of hell though real hell is many times terrible than earth’s prison. Malaysian prison is really terrible place. Prison staff and jail police all have been trained to be cruel to prisoner by Malaysian Government.

When I entered first in prison the special jail force in Sungai bulo showed a special congratulation which was mixed with rudeness, hate and torturing, beating and kicking. They were beating kicking many new prisoners. The most astonish thing is the qualification of jail staff and guard. They cannot speak English. So many new foreign prisoners had to fall into struggle because they cannot understand their Malay language.

Malaysia has been pushing foreigners in huge quantity for several decades but still now they did not develop or train their prison staff or prison security staff rather Malaysian government has taught them how to show bad behave and how to beat foreigner. Without security group Prison officers are also very irregular to their duty. They also show very rough and rude behavior to the prisoners.

I saw many bad things in the prison. First seven days at sungai bulo is most terrible days. There is no light, not enough toilet, no pure drinking water, not enough food, no praying facilities, no telephone facilities and the most bad things is very crowded with noisy environment and regular fighting in different groups and nationals in the damai block.After seven days prison authority changes the block.

Fortunately I was shifted in working block Borkat so, my time was passing nicely otherwise it was very difficult to spend time in closed door room always. The most remarkable inconveniences in prison is communication problem. There is no enough telephone boxes inside the block and restriction of using telephone booth is another big problem in the prison. Prison authority allow only office time to make call and all the government holidays they keep close all telephone boxes. That’s why prisoner have to wait for long serial to make a war tel call.

I had to wait more than one and half month to make call for two minutes only. I put my money in record office of prison. To buy telephone card it took two weeks. Authority said their boss is not in office who will sign to buy card. After buying card you have to wait for serial. This is really bothering and intolerable thing in the prison.

In the lock up there is no scope to make call and after going to prison it is another one and half month to make call from the booth. Due to improper and unskilled management prisoner are oppressed unnecessarily. If government wishes it can be solved easily but probably willingly the government is punishing foreigners to suffer this illegal harassment.

It is not only terrible for the prisoner but also it is a great concern and bad punishment for whole family. Especially it is a terrible punishment for foreigner’s family. Suddenly two months no communication makes a family in distress condition. So ultimately Malaysia is a great concern for whole family of a prisoner.

My family was badly distressed because I could not contact with my family around two moths. My wife was losing her patient and mental balance when she was unable to contact with me. She went here and there to collect my information and spend more than $1000 to get any news about me.

Sickness is another major problem in the prison. If you are a patient of any dangerous diseases like asthma, T.B, Heart diseases or high pressure then it is very bad time for you because there is no emergency treatment facility in the block. From the block you will have to pass minimum 5-7 security gate to arrive at hospital. On the other hand from hospital no emergency medicine like inhaler is provided. Once in a week you will be brought to hospital.

At sungai bulo jail the most worse thing is bad behaviour of jail police. Most stupid and rude forces are cobra. They wear uniform as like as army. Another two forces wear black and chocolate color uniform. All of those are very bad and rude. They never listen to your problem or complain. You have to keep down your head on their leg. You only follow and listen to them. No complain and request are allowed to them.

All of tuan or officer are also very cruel. They never listen to anybody. I was facing asthma problem in prison seriously so, I requested many officers to shift me a better and open room. They never changed my room. Even I requested them to performing praying silently please shift me in a good room but the officers did not response me at all.

The most hated thing is head down system. You have to seat every morning with keeping down your head infront of tuan. This is really bad and against of Islam. How Malaysia is following this Islam opposition rule I cannot find it. Not only that everyday three times you have to seat for long time on floor or rough tough soil for master. This is another part of disobeying foreigners in the prison.

Another Christian rule is followed by Malaysia. There is a toilet inside the cell. There is no door of toilet. So, Muslim prisoner feel very shame to use toilet in front of other in naked condition. The toilets are also very dirty and germy. They never provide any germ killer hygienic or soap to keep toilet clean.

Malaysian people torture on foreigner inside the cell of Sungai bulu prison. Prison authority should distribute cell according the nation but they do not do that. So, it is almost a usual matter of fighting and quarreling in the prison.

Malaysian criminal are dominating on all others prisoner in the prison. All checker and captain are employed to rule on the whole block. Cell allotment, food distribution, phone calling everything is controlled by Malaysian prisoner.

Malaysian checker and police are eating major part of prisoner’s food inside the prison. They do not distribute food properly in the prison. Jail police and Malaysian prisoner are consuming most part of the food.

There is mosque inside the prison area but the authority do not allow to pray regularly in the mosque even they do not let to pray prisoner inside the block. Malaysian government should revise this rule to obey Islam otherwise punishment will arrive on whole nation soon on the behalf of God. They are breaking human’s fundamental right and independence.

Though there is no international rule about torturing on foreigners but iside Malaysian prison it has been happening. Sometimes without reason Special prisoner forces beat and kick prisoner inhumanely. They wound many innocent prisoner without reason. This is very terrible days for those prisoners who have raped case or 302 act. I saw four or five police were beating a foreigner because he had rape case.

Corruption has spread all over Malaysia. Prison is not far from this discrimination. Malaysian jail police are taking bribe from prisoner exchange of delivering drug, heroine, ice, afim, and others narcotic product. So, almost every rooms are polluted by drug addicted prisoner. It is very difficult for non smoker to stay in prison in Malaysia.

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  1. sounds like a real hell hole.Solution dont ever go to jail especially a maylasian one