Sunday, March 7, 2010

Human Rights are Abused in Prison of Malaysia

Human rights are badly violated in Malaysia. I saw a prisoner was tortured in sungai bulu prison in humanitarian way. A group of five members’ security forces were attacking on a prisoner in a ferocious way. They kick on his whole body including head, hand and leg. I was amazed to see that scenery. I was also scared about myself. But I can say that I was lucky and no security forces tortured me probably my narrow physical structure is the reason for that.

It is bad luck for those foreigners who are healthy and whose case are under the laws of 302, 32, or rape case . They bit prisoner with cruelty manner who has rape case or zenah case. Not only that they also beat for normal case. Though there is no law to beat foreigners in remand condition.

In my experiences about prison Sungai bulu it is apparently seemed to me as a terrible place for foreigners. The Most remarkable thing is behaviors of security forces in the prison. In every field inside the prison they show their ferociousness on foreigners.

In the prison sungai bulu foreigners are frightened to see the behavior of security forces. After arrival they force prisoners to cut their hair and they keep all of their belongings. They do not allow any personal clothes, towel, soap etc. Instead of they provide polyesters made clothes which are not suitable for skin.

Foreigners are helpless and treated as animal instead of human beings in the prison hospital. As an international prisoner you have right to get medical treatment but at the hospital of Sungai bulu no proper treatment or medicine are provided. Your life is in great risk if you become sick in the prison.

No emergency medicines like inhaler or nebulizer are provided for sensitive diseases like asthma or TB patient. You will be brought to doctors room in binding condition of two hands. This kind of scenery really shocked me. In the hospital prisoners are treated like animal.

Though most of the Malaysian are Muslim majority but you will not see any Muslim or Islamic attitude among the security forces. They think they are meeting with animal instead of human beings.

Obviously it is cleared to me that Malaysia is violating international human rights. Foreigners are oppressed and hit by the Malaysian security. They do not pay your inconveniences. Security knows only beating and heating.

Malaysia is a developing country. Still they have to beg from International aiding agency to continue their infrastructures activities but they are not improving their behavior for a long time towards foreigners. In this regard we are expecting UN’s sanction on Malaysia before allowing any more help or loan.

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